Saturday, August 8, 2009

Putting up fig leather!

First you must aquire your figs, mine came from a wonderful family that lets me pick as many as I want. Bring them home and wash and stem them. A small paring knife works well for this task.
Next I get out my handy dandy VitaMix. I tried doing this with a regular blender and the results were much better with the VitaMix. A food processor might work I just don't have one.
Puree in batches of a cup or two making sure there isn't big lumps. Sometimes there are some figs that haven't been chopped up and I just add them to the next batch.
Spread the puree on a teflex sheet or plastic wrap making sure the edges are slightly thicker than the middle, don't stress this isn't an exact science. The idea is to make sure that it is thin enough that it will dry evenly.

Place in the dehydrator that has been preheating at 135F. It takes about 10-12 hours to dry. Make sure that the leather is just tacky and not still coming off on your fingers. A good test is to peel some off and if it comes off in a sheet its is done, if some still sticks to the teflex or plastic wrap let it dry some more.

When the leather is dry-it will be darker than the puree, peel it off and lay it on a sheet of wax paper or platic wrap and roll it up. I prefer wax paper but didn't have any at the time. I like to cut the rolls into 1 to 2 inch pieces and vacuum seal in bags or jars.

Dehydrators and teflex sheets can be ordered on the internet. I bought mine through ebay.

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