Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Whitewashing the chicken coop

Gather your equipment
Time to whitewash the inside of the chicken coop. Now I know why Huck Finn "let" Tom do the whitewashing. It is messy and time consuming. If you choose to do this pick a cool day with a nice breeze! 
Have a ladder for the high spots!

Nice plan wood
The whitewash and 4" brush

I used Hydrated Lime 12cups to 2gallons water. You need to keep mixing the lime/water as you work, it is not thick more like muddy water. Don't try to use a roller it won't work. Brushing it on is the only way.
Brushing it on, no particular way!
It dries to a real pretty white

Happenings on the Hill

 Duchess had 11 piglets 2/15, yes 11! They are so cute, but not pick up hug-able. Pigs are not very fond of being picked up unless you love the sound of high squealing  and getting um pooped/peed on.
Now that they are older they follow me around and fall over for belly rubs just like momma!

 Dixie had 4 piglets 4/9 her first litter and she is a good momma. Both of these sows are so used to me being around that they don't mind me being in the pen with the piglets.
As if having pigs wasn't enough we also have chickens! A friend was so kind to give us 9, 6 blue orpington/barred/ blackstar crosses and 3 buff orpingtons. Won't be big enough for laying eggs til late summer but what fun to watch. Right now they are in the tween stage half fluff and half feathers. They really like bugs and chickweed!