Sunday, April 4, 2010

House building update-finally

The footers have been poured and the foundation is being laid

A closer view of the blocks

 The chief block inspector at work!

 The bracing blocks

Pouring concrete into the blocks

After the 12 loads of dirt and a lot of tamping down! I was gone when the concrete was poured.

The walls are going up

The roof is on!

We are sorta rain proof!

A look from the inside

Plumbing is installed

Shingles are being installed

Wrap has been applied

Another view from the inside, this is the front entrance

Bricks are being laid

The electrical supply

Insulation installed

                                                      Duct work being installed- in sun room



Ceilings in garage

                                     The beautiful chimney

Vinyl siding in a lovely shade of sand

             The trim work is white around the garage

The texture of the walls and ceilings is called orange peel

                                               The front entrance

The kitchen dining area

                        The sun room or Florida Room

The wood stove alcove. The wood stove is under all those covers, see how much dust!

                                                 The front entrance

A new back view

Himself looking happy about the progress so far

The deck

Oh I can hardly wait for the cook outs that are to be enjoyed on this deck

Just another view, see how we sit on the hill!

                                                Garage doors!

with openers. In the background is the air conditioning unit.

Then you enter the utility room from the garage.

Then you come into the kitchen/dining area.

                                           The dining room light

A look at the"Beams" in the vaulted ceiling that runs from the front door to the kitchen.

The living room flooring being laid with the hearth in the back corner.