Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Shrimp Curry

When my fiance and I planned to marry my Dearest Mother decided to host the rehearsal dinner since my future in-laws had passed on. Well Mom prepared a wonderful dish that my fiance and his family had never had and it went over fabulously! I wish I had a picture but let me tell you it is worth making.

Shrimp Curry

  1. Ahead of time; prepare rice for 6
  1. 1 lg tomato chopped fine
    2 med onions chopped fine
    1 garlic clove chopped fine
Saute in 2 tbs butter
Add: 2 tbs curry powder
1 tbs paprika
3 cloves
1 bay leaf
1 sm stick cinnamon crumbled or a little cinnamon powder
1 tbs salt
½ lemon(juice)
Saute 10 minutes
Add: 2 lbs of raw shrimp or a combination of seafood = 2lbs*
Cook 3 minutes, cover with water and cook until shrimp turns pink

Add: 1/2c sour or sweet cream ( make a paste of flour and water to add if thicker sauce is desired)

Serve with:
Rice, coconut, nuts, bananas, FF onions, raisins and hard boiled eggs.

Set the condiments aside in dishes so everyone can use a little of each.

*You can substitute = amounts of meat, chicken or fish