Monday, October 4, 2010

Our family pets

This is Cleo- caught her at the Church about 13 yrs ago. When she is really happy and purring she drools just a little!!!

This is Scarlet-She has an attitude like her namesake!! We got her and her sister from a litter of tailless kittens.  
This is Prissy, Scarlet's sister. She is by and far the friendliest cat, even lets the little ones pet her and tolerates our littlest dog, Patches wallowing all over her!!

This is Patches, our very newest, probably less than a year old. Very sweet and lovable. Being the littlest dog she is always whining for attention and jumping up, which is a bad habit, especially when you live on a dirt road and want to stay clean.

All four dogs! Duke, Duchess, Patches and Prince.

Duchess and Prince. It is one of our coolest nights this season and they are sharing the mat in the fairly warm garage. I made them nice doggie beds but they seem to like the mat better. Duchess showed up in our yard about 2 yrs ago and Prince showed up about a year ago. Duchess loves to chew on twigs and Prince, well he is a very old dog, just passing his remaining years with us on the 'farm'.

This is Duke, he showed up as a half grown pup nearly 10 yrs ago, all humble and please let me stay with you? He is super sweet and stays around the house even when the others wander off!!

All the cats we found or adopted, the dogs all found and adopted us!!

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