Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Garden Update

Well it has been a while since posting so here are some updates:

The vegetables have been growing a lot since last posted.

The rains have been a blessing for all of us. Some things that really have grown are the mushrooms!! I don't know what kind these are but don't eat these please.

These are where fairies hide right?

A half moon fairy ring found in our front lawn. I don't know why there is one here but it is an interesting formation.

It's twins! There is a lovely pattern in the
center of these mushrooms.

The Muskadine Vines have grown and they
look like they will bear a lot this year.

Just look at those lovely little fruit clusters.

The bean patch has grown a lot. I've been trying to grow green beans for several years without much success. Last time I had a good stand of beans I put up almost 100 jars. Most years the beans die out when the hot weather gets here but that year they kept on producing through August.

I had my fill of canning beans and till
ed them under. To bad I didn't know it would be a while before I had a nice bean crop again.

Here is a nice stand of green beans.
My first try at growing butter beans.
They look so healthy.

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