Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Everything is coming up green

All this rain is such a blessing and it has been coming down in manageable amounts, yesterday we had about 1". I wish it could be spread throughout the summer but God knows best.

The tomatoes are doing great with such promise for the up coming harvest.

The volunteer eggplants and summer squash love where they sprouted. Wonder what they will look like since both are cross pollinated, what I mean is that the summer squash crossed with zucchini which last year produced squash that had the shape of a zucchini and the color of yellow squash, they tasted great! The eggplant was a cross between a black beauty and a white that produced a beautiful lavender and white striped fruit that tasted great and boy did it make a lot. Please be kind and ignore the weeds that are also loving this bountiful rain.

The first planting of carrots is coming along nicely
and the second planting is coming up.

The second time I planted I scattered a few radish seeds,
it's supposed to help aeriate the ground for the carrots when you harvest the radishes.
The stevia plants are loving this rain as are the parsley and chives.

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  1. Your garden looks huge.....especially the green beans. My tomatoes are just now starting to flower so I am a little jealous of your green ones. Keep up the blogging.... I love all the garden photo's.