Friday, May 20, 2011


Finally able to post some pics of our RED WATTLE PIGS! I wanted chickens first but we ended up getting pigs and guess what I am enjoying them. They stink but so do chickens and cows. But they have sweet dispositions, love to be petted and each one has his or her own personality oh and they LOVE, LOVE to eat!! I now know what eating like a pig means.
Three little pigs and Duchess(Big Mama)


Olive Oyle and Frank, Olive Oyle is not ours she is just visiting Frank for a while!

Getting some petting, they will just come over to me and lay down to get petted.

Notice the wattle? This is Duchess.

This is Duchess getting petted, yes she will come over and lay down to get petted too and she weighs around 250lbs! I always talk to them and let them know they are good pigs.

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